Terms and Conditions

Regular Plans

Appointment – Appointment for service has to be requested by customer at least 24 hours prior to their preferred time. Appointment will be booked by us depending on the availability of slot.

Servicing – It includes general servicing as provided by the service center.

Washing & Polishing – It can be availed only once every month with no carry forward to another month i.e. washing & polishing will lapse if not claimed in any month.

It covers Exterior Body Water Wash, Interior Dry Wash & Dashboard Polishing for cars. Doorstep Wash is only applicable for cars subject to availability of such service at the location and customer must provide running water & electricity to facilitate the aforesaid service.

24/7 Roadside Assistance – It is available in our service area depending on the availability of the facility in the customer’s location.

Towing Facility – Towing facility is applicable only for cars when there is a breakdown. It will be provided for a total distance up to 20 kms. If the limit exceeds, then rest of the charges shall be paid by the customer. No towing facility will be provided for transportation purpose.

Pickup & Drop Facility – It is applicable only at the time of Servicing subject to the facility provided by the garage. To avail the service, the customer must inform at least 24 prior to their preferred time and there could be delay due to unforeseen circumstances whether it be the garage person not free at customer’s preferred time or weather condition does not permit to provide the said facility.

Major & Minor Breakdowns –. It only includes labour charges for parts replacement up to 20% of the total labour cost. It does not include cost of the parts & materials used at the time of repairing & servicing. Classifying breakdowns whether it is major or minor will be decided on case to case basis.

Engine Oil Change – It is complimentary in our Premium Plan only. We provide Mineral Oil (Regular) and not Synthetic/Semi-Synthetic engine oil. It is free up to 2 times in car subscription & 3 times in bike subscription.

Non-Transferrable – Subscription registered under a vehicle cannot be transferred to another vehicle under any condition.


1+1 (Extended) Plan

T&C to claim services in 2nd year for 1+1 (Extended) Plan

Servicing & Monthly Inspection – It cannot be carry forward to 2nd year if either of them is claimed 3 times in total and if not, then balance left out of 3 can only be availed.

Washing & Polishing – Only balance left out of 12 can be availed with max carry forward limit of 3 monthly wash & polish.

RSA – It can only be claimed if no service availed since purchase of plan with the carry forward limit of 1 in 2nd year, subject to any charges applicable thereon has to be paid by the customer.

Towing – It will be carry forward to 2nd year, subject to applicable towing charges has to be paid by the customer.

Any Other Work – It will be arranged as and when required but entire cost has to be paid the customer (no labour charges will be provided at all).

Pickup & Drop Facility – It will only be provided subject to availability of the facility in service area location.

Engine Oil Change – It can only be carry forward to 2nd year if the free limit (2 times in car subscription & 3 times in bike subscription) has not exhausted.